As communication continues to become more digital and non-verbal we've recognized a need to create a tool for yogi's and spiritually minded people to express themselves more authentically.


Created by yogi's for yogi's 

We are a team of yogi's and conscious minded people who see an opportunity to impact the collective consciousness through symbols of positivity that have been used throughout the ages to uplift consciousness and to help us come closer to who we really are.

Marketing in the 21st century has come down to analyzing and quantifying the value of mere impressions.  These impressions can be just a glance of a fraction of a second.  These experts have correctly realized what the yogis have known for centuries....that every impression, no matter how seemingly minute, impacts consciousness.  


In that we saw the urgent need for a tool to bring more positivity into our everyday digital conversations!

YogiEmoji is a KARMA POSITIVE project. Find out more about how we are Paying It Forward!

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